Frequently, dentist and dental technicians who use Sintodent products share, through photographic images, the result of their work. We publish these images on our website to show how Sintodent is of support in their daily activities, with no judgments on the different operating use to produce such videos and photos.

We thank everybody for the trust and we hope that more and more professionals will share their experiences with Sintodent products through their images.

Case No 15

Dr Loris Prosper - January 2019

M.S., 50 years old, needs a rehabilitation both functional and aesthetic of the two arches. As per therapeutic plan...

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Case No 14

Dr Anna P. - April 2018

G.T., 50 years old, suffers fracture of 35 resulting in the loss of the gold-resin bridge. Adjustment of the two stumps...

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Case No 13

Dr Loris Prosper – October 2017

For clinical needs the appliance, made with the molecule Sintodent with Cad Cam technique, stayed in the mouth for 5 months...

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Case No 12

Dr Gianfranco Albergo – July 2016

A.C. has a total fixed rehabilitation in ceramic except in the upper and lower right quadrants. Due to overcome financial issues….

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Case No 11

Dr Edgardo C. – 2020

G.C., 54 years old, strong smoker and bruxer. Suffers the fracture of 22, already devitalized and restored in the past...

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Case No 10

Dr Loris Prosper – March 2019

R.B., 34 years old, asks for an aesthetic restoration, cheap and fast, to hide its noticeable imperfections...

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Caso n° 9

Dott. Enrico Cipriani – 2018/2019

F.D., 61 years old, cardio-vascular surgeon subject to severe stress with fracture of 15 due to probable teeth clenching...

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Case No 8

Dr Francesco D. – May 2019

B.V., 65 years old, requires urgent rehabilitation of the upper arch. It is decided to make an appliance…

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Caso n° 7

Dr Ernesto G. – September 2018

M.G., 62 years old had the need to rehabilitate the edentulous upper arch. Therefore, we proceeded with the insertion….

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Case No 6

Dr Roberto G. – September 2018

O.B., 57 years old, would like to improve the aesthetic of the entire upper arch and remove the old bridge to eliminate metals from the oral cavity….

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Case No 5

Dr Mola – March 2018

Rehabilitation with appliance made of Sintodent resin with Cad Cam technique. Note the good condition of the...

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Caso n° 4

Dr Paolo A. – July 2016

X.M., had prosthesis made with traditional provisional resin crown after the preparation of both dental arches' stumps...

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Caso n° 3

Dr Edgardo C. – July 2017

E.V. Gold-Resin bridge broken with worn out stump teeth. Restoration made through root canal treatment and natural abutments…

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Case No 2

Dr Enrico Cipriani – May 2015

P.F., 70 years old, retired taxi driver. Ten years ago, he got rehabilitation of both arches with implants and gold-ceramic prosthesis…

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Case No 1

Dr Enrico Cipriani – June 2015

L.M., 57 ans, conditions économiques précaires, il présente une fracture du groupe incisif. Un traitement canalaire est réalisé…

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